19 October 2017

A night of dreams, ADE Thursday

ADE 2017

Now that it's raining outside I'm almost sure last night was really a dream. I'm so happy to see people are still finding the Nachtsnuiver WhatsApp group, keep on joining, keep on sharing the ADE love!

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It won't be easy to tell you all about what happened yesterday because there is so much beauty that I didn't expect. I love it when my plan to not have too much of a plan pans uit like this. It's amazing what ADE has to offer if you're open to take it in. Writing about Wednesday was only finished in the middle of the night and then I took off to Radion.

Where Gerd Janson did an allnighter for the lovely people of B-side. To be careful with my energy I decided to take the Hyundai, aka the mini Tesla as I like to call it, to get myself over to Radion. In reality this only happened because there was no car2go anywhere near. Normally I like to arrive early when I go out but that totally didn't work out tonight. So Gerd had been playing for hours in De Bovenkamer already when I came in. The great part being that everybody was feeling it and I just had to mimic some people next to me to be dancing happily.


Gerd made sure to play a record that already is becoming a story in itself, more on that later. Trying to write this at the Urban Ears hq at Rokin turns out to be close to impossible, first I had some wine with one of Amsterdam's greats: Sandrien. Now with the pumping house music, people dancing and screaming anywhere near me, tough on the concentration. Probably a better idea to move around town a bit soon. Where to find the quiet and still the best of the party spirit.

Back to Radion, a couple of fun things were happening around me. This happy dude hugs me and we dance together while he passes me his beer. When I try to give it back, for some reason he doesn't want it and it ends up between our feet. He acts quickly though, especially for a person under the influence, and continues drinking like it never happened. Two blondes that stand out end up dancing beside me and one starts talking about 4-FMP. Seems to be very popular these times, probably about time I tried it.

Meanwhile Gerd just keeps pumping beautiful tracks, I really didn't want to stay too long because it is only Wednesday and there is so much still coming... But B-side posted this video of the last hard copy tickets that they put in a sleeve at Bordello, so I just had to make it over there after this lovely afternoon giveaway.


Thursday was in my mind, time to take mini Tesla home. Flying accross the A10 it took a good ten minutes to get home, which is beautiful if you think about the 30 minute bicycle ride that I skipped out on.


Waking up before my alarm is always nice, but even better after a good party. Prepping some breakfast and time to head outside, let's see what the city has in store for us today. At Bordello I find my new home, the kind crew is still there and the audience is growing a bit from yesterday but in a good way.

I didn't even notice when Job Jobse was already playing, although the style changed to very cheeky Italo quite quickly.


Today turned out to be the day of meeting wonderful people. Porn moustache was one of them. I hope we meet again this week. Earlier I picked up on a message from the Nachtsnuiver ADE WhatsApp group. There were still 3 Kompakt wristbands waiting at de wallen. Since I had a best friend birthday party coming up at 7pm I handed over the wristband to my new friend. Who later met up with a woman from the group down at the Kompakt basement. How I'd love to know whatever happened there in the end.

Taking a big ADE break all evening turned out the be a stroke of genius except it wasn't because it just happened and I got very lucky. The birthday was a private affair but I can tell you there was great Whiskey and I stayed much longer than I ever intended just because people were making wonderful deserts that I just had to taste: lava cake.

Now I wonder what came first, me leaving the party to go to Sugarfactory or this mysteryguest (ADE#39 in my phone) announcing a 'secret' party at Lux by Young Marco. Whaaaaatt! Yes. And did I mention Casper Tielrooij and Palms Trax next to him. Yep. I can show you the flyer even though you're a little late. We almost stumbled at the entrance. There was a guy telling everybody without invitation you don't get to enter. They even tried to bar the great Gilb'R (playing Bordello soon while I'm writing this sitting on the couch there) from entry, which more or less scared me. It ended up OK and I'm so glad.

https://imgur.com/dFLC5Yg.jpg Doorsituation beforehand.

With my friend and brother of the birthdayboy, I'd like to call him Mr. Fit(ness). The dancefloor was small, there was a ludicrous soundsystem, everybody was dancing. We worked our way around the bar, called Lux. Until last night I never had a 'decent' party here. Well that changed. Everything changed. Suddenly I loved the place. I discussed the design around us with my friend, it's not even that small a bar, so we could walk around freely, away from the dancefloor life was calm.


Heading back to the heat of the dancefloor with our bags filled with laptops I wasn't as free as I love to be but still we managed. There were three ladies dancing quite close to us and one of them waved. She told me it was her friend's birthday. Wow it really was this night of birthdays. Surrounded by beautiful ladies dancing does improve, I have to admit. When they are all smiles it just adds to the pleasure of a dancefloor with great music.

https://imgur.com/Qf2w0GB.jpg Thanks Marco for arranging this.

Maybe after ADE is done I will add some tunes or write a separate post about all the music that passed, right now it is just too much to mention. Let's find a highlight. At one point during this beautiful night one of the djs decided to spin a record I heard Gerd Janson play 'yesterday'. When I sat down at Bordello earlier today Gerd played it again, and now I think it is Mr. Young Marco himself spinning the monster.

Curious? (plaat toevoegen, CDM Chroma?)

So how do I explain the bliss that we felt on this dancefloor. I think what helped was that everybody was here for a reason. To have a wonderful night. Many many smiles and all these djs running around. When you're at a djs party somehow it makes you feel like this is where it happens. Which is obviously just an illusion, but a good one to feel nonetheless. I see Arif, Job, Max, among many others but wait, Arif is talking to somebody. It turns out he is chatting with Avalon. I knew she was in town and I'm looking forward a lot to her Sunday team up with Aurora.


She disappears along with Arif, we continue dancing. In my mind a long time passes, we dance, we chat with the people around us, and then in the distance I see Arif again. He heads over in our direction, who knows why. Avalon follows and dances around. Thinking about approaching her, I suddenly notice she is dancing right in front of me. I leave all of my fear behind and tap her on the shoulder. Since I emailed her more than once this year and she has been very kind with replies I feel I can introduce myself. All in all I wonder if it lasted more than a minute in total but what's most important is that we hugged. Hope to see you Sunday!


A star studded night it is for sure. More or less where I spotted Avalon first, hours ago now I notice a very different character. My Studio/K love from the summer of Kamma & Masalo: Mr. Esa. Another hug, I just love this night. It's so nice to see him in person again, I'm watching his Worldwide FM shows sure, but it's not the same! Tonight you can catch Esa, I think at 1:30am at OT301 as listed in todays' tips.

Back to my crew, since we had the backpacks that we needed to keep an eye on Mr. Fit and I weren't moving around a lot on the dancefloor too much. 'In the distance' I noticed the ladies dancing that were close to us before, waving to come over. I apologised about the fact I didn't feel like going around the dancefloor too much, she wouldn't have any of it. She laughed in my face.

https://imgur.com/7yvkmvV.jpg Heroes of the Thursday.

At the same time we must not forget Palms Trax is dropping bombs, as are the Dutchies. When PT walks around later I tap him on the shoulder to thank him for an already gorgeous night. More smiles are exchanged. Mr. Fit calls it a night. I get yelled at for leaving so early, but I'm not going anywhere. Flying solo is what I'm used to. Although I don't feel so solo surrounded by all the lovely people.

After my friend leaves the Lux crew decides to shut off all the lights. A beautiful addition to make it a bit more exciting for what feels like the last hour. Vibes keep going around, I climb up the elevated seating on the side of the dancefloor to find out that the ceiling is at perfect height to be low but not hurt yourself dancing higher and higher.

What you don't want to happen obviously happens anyway, the lights come back on and this time it's serious. A flatmate just walked in twenty minutes ago, Dutch readers might know him from earlier adventures as De Nachtwerker. Trying to buy something at the bar it's clear that the party is ending, no more booze for the men. I introduce the birthday people to eachother and I hear there's the idea to head to Claire. While there is a great party going on there earlier at Bordello I met my KUMA boy who runs the night at Sugar. As we are forced outside, and also weren't done dancing anyway we walk to the Sugarfactory. I feel very fortunate to find out at the door I'm on the list +5. This way we only need a ticket to get in with the seven of us. What a night.

https://imgur.com/id4kORY.jpg Leon Vynehall.

Inside Leon Vynehall hits exactly our spot. Bringing heat and warmth and perfect bass to a happy dancefloor we immediately feel comfortable, and yes there is another round of beer ordered. My flatmate and his friend try to impress the ladies, I meet an ex programmer of Studio/K who immediately after saying hi turns around and starts some very heavy tongue action with a tall blonde. Now this is what I like.

https://imgur.com/g6qIT4p.jpg Moxie.

Moxie starts at 5am and switches gears from where Leon was coming from. She is enjoying herself and the crowd is very happy to see her play. But as it turns out the ladies that became my new friends at Lux earlier have a 'regular working day' ahead of them. Quite crazy if you think about it. When they run out it changes our vibe, suddenly we are left the three of us and it feels like even the music changes. I was starting to feel bad for a friend who arranged for my possible entry at Radion (yes, again) to see Stingray tonight. Since his set is in the 5-7am slot this could actually work. I propose to the guys to take a mini Tesla west (we even meet some cops on bikes on the way, waving to say 'slow down please') and before we know it we are on the steps of Radion.

Inside the first person I 'meet' is a guy who practically falls with his head in the toilet, not a pretty view. On to the dancefloor. Stingray plays the main, and makes quite the visual impression with his mask and big headphones. Of course, there is more than visuals with his sound being super heavy and layered. One shouldn't look at the clock at these times of the night, or morning if you wish. But my legs don't need the clock to realize that most of the energy is gone by now.

https://imgur.com/kejXWd8.jpg Stingray.

We do make it to the Stingray finish line with some tunes to remember. I sit down with Michie for a bit and meet a friendly Berliner who likes Radion ten times more than Berghain, well that's a cool perspective. We even make it to De Bovenkamer and find some hammering techno there. Super Thursday almost ending. After Stingray we head out and race back east in full Friday morning work traffic, crazy to be in the dark at 7:30am in the morning on a packed highway feeling like the last survivors. Time for a shower.

Tonight I'm going up The Tower for the great Tony Humphries. Join me!

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