20 October 2017

ADE Friday around the North ends at Elena's paradise

ADE 2017

I started to write this story on ADE Saturday, but there was so much dancing to be done this week that it was impossible to finish. Now ADE is part of the history books. Let me contribute my little piece. I'll take you back to Friday the 20th of October 2017. Amsterdam Dance Event almost halfway through! Keep reading to find out all about Sandrien's purchase of the week, who I met at Sexyland that changed the course of the night completely and what Tony played high up between the clouds at Madam?

Now that it's raining outside I'm almost sure last night was really a dream. I'm so happy to see people are still finding the Nachtsnuiver WhatsApp group, keep on joining, keep on sharing the ADE love!

Let's look at the afternoon first. I wanted to grab a coffee with De Poëet at Urbanears. Unfortunately life of the working class means he had to run and for some reason we both walked the same stairs at the same moment but still managed to miss each other. He did notice my bike outside. Something that happened to my friend De Journalist also on Thursday night. Timing these days.


I sat down and wanted to write about Thursday, it's still unedited and needs to have some music or pictures added but gives you an idea. At Urban Ears I ran into Carlos Valdes and we spoke for a bit about ADE and his Is Burning party that has an ADE edition at 8pm this Saturday at The Loft. Before I knew it Sandrien walked up to us and we sat down for a bit to chat about (ADE) life. I noticed her walking around with three bags and wondered what was in them. Turned out she had been record shopping all day, I asked her to share one of her favorite picks with us.

She has been kind enough to provide a photo and some background information about the following Clone ADE exclusive.

https://imgur.com/F5JU0AC.jpg I bought a Clone ADE exclusive, Lab Rat Xl - Mice or Cyborg, on dark green vinyl. An album by James Stinson aka The Other People Place / Drexciya / Transllusion from 2003 that will be repressed through Clone, but for now ADE exclusive. I normally buy all from James Stinson / Drexciya so this was a no brainer that makes me extremely happy 🙂

Sandrien will play Het Weekend at De School Sundaynight starting 23:00. I also told her that I'm looking forward big time to see her play the night with Titia and Mr. Tophat in November. As I'm writing this Sandrien and Carlos are heating up Is Burning at The Loft.
UPDATE The real world has caught up with this piece of my writing about ADE Friday. 3voor12 was kind enough to pick Sandrien at Electric Deluxe for their top 25 sets of ADE. It appears her recent spree of buying new records helped her warm the place up completely!

Enjoying her last day off before a weekend full of gigs (Shelter in the morning, Is Burning in the evening, School on Sunday) she left Urban Ears after sharing a drink with me. Since I wasn't cool enough for the after 4pm drinks the host kicked me out pretty soon after. Now that I think of it this happened to me last year too. Oh well. On to Bordello A Parigi, my favorite ADE hangout! Oceanic in the booth, never a bad way to enjoy a Friday afternoon.


He told me about the 4 way speaker system where his whole gang of Nous'Klaer buddies will be playing on Saturday. A great destination for your listening pleasure. Come to think of it he was probably telling me about the sound setup for De Aula at De School. Busy man! At Bordello David Vunk just walked in the way he usually does, swiftly and look at his pretty face. Italo monsters soon take over and since it's Friday after 6pm it starts to get busy for the first time this week, or so it seems to me. Still my couch is respected and I love the view. But my battery is dying (I didn't take my charger on purpose, I wanted to have a limit on writing time). I am lucky to have a friend who just started cooking and invites me over.

David Vunk has one hell of an ADE.

I had such a great time at Bordello A Parigi this ADE that I will share the tip I got sitting down for the third day in a row at their couch. You have to run to the shop though to get it. Thank you again for the great music, the meetings, the hugs, the vibe, the beer, the toilet without a lock. The always welcoming feeling.


Mr. Cinema and I share a beer over dinner in de Staatsliedenbuurt. My friend De Programmer joins us and before you know it we take the ferry NDSM-bound.


I suggest we at least take a good look at the queue I expected to see at the five euro Young Marco BBQ party. Nonexistent it turns out, only minutes later we're dancing to the exciting beats of Interstellar Funk.


When Interstellar Funk is playing, there is always the chance most definitely when she is in town, that Elena Colombi will be hanging around. I discovered her texting behind a plant, and immediately had to think of the night in De School when Olf and Elena created the ideal crazy musical landscape to dance all night long to.


It looks like she is texting a lot so I decide to send her a message, when she instantly replies with a smiley I head over there to go and say hi. Now I can thank her for the amazing musical experiences of this year, she rocked my Lente Kabinet big time. She asks if I'm coming tonight (I know she will play at Framework and has the 3-5am slot). I have to say yes now because how am I going to say no?! Lucky me, I love the small venue Cinetol. The night is turning into another completely unexpected adventure!

Now that we're dancing at Sexyland another friend joins our gang of (now) four, not too long ago I took her to dance at a club called Claire. She offers me a Mannenliefde, how can I resist! In August I went to Sexyland for the first time (shame on me), and it was quite the sleazy party. Tonight at this point it's still fairly early and straightforward but the music is of a very different quality. It's not a floor I can easily fall in love with. The material used doesn't create a stable feeling under my feet. But it's still very fun to have a quality party in what can be best described as Amsterdam's hippest barn. (I like the Dutch, schuur even better).


Still there is (much) more party to be had tonight, we're riding the train of adventure. On WhatsApp SkateCafé has been discussed today as anywhere from OK to great and last status reports are heading into the direction of fantastic. Our navigational skills help us to arrive at what feels like the other end of Noord in a good ten minutes. The cops are waiting for us in a van next to Garage Noord but leave us alone. I had been wondering if SkateCafé would explode tonight but it turns out to be 'just very busy'. Not even one step through the door completely I meet one of the ladies of last night. What a lovely ADE full of coincidences.

The first hour in we listen to very respectable tunes like this Kerri one.

Since it's getting really busy close to the booth located in the half pipe, I decided to climb up on the side and give it a shot upstairs. The view is great, I tell my friend that this room feels a bit like Trouw used to. The audience and lighting is not a great fit between the memories but still. Of course people follow our example and before we know it there's people on all sides dancing next to us. We get pushed back and lose a lot of the sound quality because of it. I jump back into the pit in front of the djs trying to secure a spot for myself, at the same time trying to watch my backpack yet again this week lying in a dark spot on the dancefloor with laptop in it, just great.

Quite suddenly a new dj team is brought in. I'm not sure if I should mention the name. What you have to know is what happened next: Gala and Alizée. And then I almost forgot to tell you there was an awesome male mc singing along, only he was completely and utterly out of key. Ouch. The crowd seemed to be loving it. My crowd was ready to go up The Tower. Off to Madam we went!



After a short friskin' downstairs we were allowed entry to the elevator. I've seen this machine on Instagram several times, only we weren't in for the special fx. A bit unfortunate but hell, we're going up. It didn't go completely smooth, we stopped at some intimate business party of some other company halfway up. Vagueness and no signage whatsoever to tell you anything. On we went. Arriving at Madam floor was quite the experience though. Normally this place is a restaurant, and even if they'd serve you something very mediocre I'm pretty sure the awesome (and romantic) view will make up for it.

The crowd couldn't have been more different from SkateCafé (and Sexyland) before. 50+ on the floor on all sides, platinum blonde, high heels, it was all there. Bald fitness dudes and old house lovers. Obviously it's bound to happen when you rent a space like this. Talking about renting stuff: the soundsystem was too loud and lacked in bass, unfortunate for the type of music played: garage house. Let's not forget about Mike Risk who was playing when we came in. Energetic and warm are words that come to mind describing his selection.

Tony Humphries


When Tony comes and takes over from Mike everyone does a step or three to get closer to the booth. Cameras shutter from all sides. Everybody came for one man tonight and one man only. And the cocktails of course. Why there are still high tables on the dancefloor is very obvious, there's tall glasses on them everywhere. Tony starts out with Karizma - The Power.

Next to the booth I spot a bottle of Grey Goose in a cooler. Normally this is only for the djs in the clubs where I go. Not the case when dancing at Madam. High fashion, beautiful drinks. I pick up the bottle only to find it empty. Too bad. Tony had a glass of Tättinger with friends, served in the booth just after arriving. Somewhere after the twinty minutes mark into his set Boris Dlugosch comes to crush down on us, I go completely mad.

He also rocks the place with Do It Properly.

Donny Hathaway - Little Ghetto Boy comes along but with a bassline I can't find anywhere. I love the vocals on this Brecker Brother's, but pretty sure he used an edit I cannot serve you either.

I have to share this story that my Tambourine friend sent me earlier this year. Every third Sunday of the month I'd almost say it feels a little bit like Tony Humphries comes to town but that's not right. Still, my dj friend that works the booth at Tambourine has a lot of love for Mr. Humphries and rightly so. There's a tune you will probably hear when you come around visiting us next time.


I was trying to tell you a story. It's about a tune. A tune where Mr. Humphries worked on. Yet where are the credits? Well I can give it a try, to understand it all though I recommend you to read the following story on RBMA. Click here to find out everything you need to know about Stand On The Word. If you don't have the time to read it now that is fine. I do suggest you listen, for that you just click play.

Over the past hour all my friends have left. Their energy has run out. Tony meanwhile is going at it full force. The crowd has found its destination, the floor keeps heating up further. I meet René who wrote a story in Dutch about the evening.

I love to leave at the best moment of the night (complete lie, I almost never do). But since meeting Elena earlier tonight of course there is the piece of the pie that I don't want to miss at Cinetol. So I leave the great views and lovely music and on my slow way down in the elevator we meet Jamie 3:26 who tells the kids leaving the party in the elevator "I'm starting at 4! But ya all gotta roll, that's all good!", we love you Jamie! He made my night some months ago in the secret club called Kondo finishing a Sunday night very late with maybe thirty people dancing like crazy.

On my bike onto the ferry and into the city. The ferry is packed, ADE weekend has everybody moving. At Cinetol I meet some readers who joined my ADE WhatsApp group which makes the night all the more wonderful.



Elena in the dark, her best environment. The sounds flyin' to all directions. Just like the crowd. You can't fit that many people in this old gym. Huge amounts of beer (I'm guessing) have been spilled onto the floor, it's almost not funny. She plays this track which makes me lose my mind completely. Next to me is this woman dressed in black, black hair too and sometimes because of her wild movements it ends up in my face but nobody cares because the atmosphere is just energy.

If somebody can help me ID this, hope to hear from you.

Although the darkness has it's interesting sides, Elena does take us into the light also. Obviously ID'ing her tracks is a big issue but that drum keeps us going. The people around me are obviously fully tuned into Elena's frequency. It's only power that's in the air. Near the end of her set even a vocal enters our minds.

She played #6: New York: West Side. Thank you Elena, a magnificent ending to a crazy ride called ADE Friday.

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